Artisan & Artist* MCAM 1100 Canvas Camera Bag, holds iPad

  • $389.00

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Created to fulfill the demands of the new digital era, when photographers carry not only camera equipment but other gadgets, this bag provides adequate space for digital items in a surprisingly compact form.

The exterior is made from a water-repellent nylon and is also sealed with waterproof zippers. Multiple mesh interior pockets are conveniently located for all your accessory needs.

This bag can hold mirrorless camera, two lenses and an iPad. The inner case can be removed, allowing you to use it as a day bag.


  • WEIGHT        640g
  • BODY SIZE   W260 x H190 x D120mm
  • INNER SIZE  W240 x H150 x D80mm
  • MATERIAL     Nylon, Leather
Made in Japan