Leica M-P ‘grip’ by Rolf Sachs

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An unusual special model has been created in collaboration with the artist and photographer Rolf Sachs in a set comprising the Leica M-P (Type 240) ‘grip’ by Rolf Sachs and a fast classic lens, the Leica Summilux-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH. The combination of unusual materials in an eye-catching choice of colour lends the camera a unique look.
Art – to have and to hold: Particularly when making pictures, a Leica M-P ‘grip’ by Rolf Sachs is an extraordinary visual and tactile experience that inspires the passion for photography in an entirely new way with every image captured.

The performance and the technical specifications of both the Leica M-P ‘grip’ by Rolf Sachs and the Leica Summilux-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH. lens are identical to those of their counterparts from the serial production portfolio. The camera offers all the technical advantages of the Leica digital rangefinder system and the particularly versatile lens combines moderate wide-angle character with natural reproduction of proportions. The special edition comes in a robust, black hard-shell case that protects the set and offers room for an additional M-Lens and personal items such as a tablet. The set also includes a Leica SF 40 flash unit, a cotton carrying strap, cleaning utensils, and a nylon pouch for simple protection of the camera when not in the case. 

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