Arte di Mano M Monochrom Half Case with Thumbs Up Cutout

  • $410.00

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  • This case is crafted to accomdate the Leica M Monochrom (1st Version) camera with attached Thumbs UP by Match Technical. With matte black leather and black stitching, the camera perfectly complements the camera's “blacked-out” look. Made of impressible tanned leather, this half case is soft to the touch and fits snugly with accented metal snaps. Case also features an embedded metal tripod mount and a small built-in thumb rest. Hand-made in Korea by master leather artisans, this soft leather case will help improve your grip and also protect your Leica

    About the Leather: Minerva Box by Badalassi Carlo is a soft, vegetable tanned leather with a matte finish. The black leather paired with black stitching creates a low-profile, yet sleek look.

    About the Arte di Mano: Arte di Mano, a brand created by JnK in Seoul, South Korea has become synonymous with quality. Their Cases_Cases_Half Cases for Leica are made entirely by hand. Each piece of leather is carefully cut, shaped and stitched to create a flawlessly-fitting half case that improves your hold without hindering any functionality of the camera.

    *Camera for illustration purpose only and is not included*

    **Due to the properties of the leather and the handmade nature of Arte di Mano products, each half case is unique and may vary slightly from the item pictured.**

    • Fits Leica M8, M9, M-E and M Monochrom (1st Version) with Thumbs UP
    • Black stitching and matte black leather for a "blacked out" look
    • Polished metal tripod mount
    • Small front hand grip
    • Small backside thumb grip
    • Soft, vegetable-tanned leather
  • JnK offers numerous customizing options for their Arte di Mano cases. To order a custom Arte di Mano half case or carrying strap for your Leica, please call us at 305-921-4433 for details and pricing.

    Some custom options include:

    • LCD Cover
    • Engraving
    • Exotic Leathers