Thumbs Up EP-60 Titanium for Leica M Edition 60

  • $225.00

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The Thumbs Up EP-60 Titanium is specially designed for the limited edition Leica M Edition 60 Camera. Machined from solid titanium with a durable rubber backing, the EP-60 Titanium comes in at half the weight of a standard Thumbs Up EP-1S (14 grams versus 28 grams). Instead of being painted, the EP-60 Titanium is media blasted to create a unique finish with a slight texture. 

The ergonomic profile allows you to firmly place your thumb against it to assure a solid grip on your camera. This is especially useful as a standard hand grip is not available for the M Edition 60. Please note this will not fit the regular Leica M or M-P (Typ 240) camera, or the M9. It is designed only for the M Edition 60.