How to enable advanced group filtering

So you have a lot of products and want to enable sub groups for your users to sort through. Follow the steps below to enable advanced group filtering like the image below.

  1. Define your groups. In the image above, the groups are BrandFocal Length, and Resolution

  2. Export your products into a CSV file.
    (If you are creating new products, you can skip this step)

  3. Prepend all existing tags with what group you want them to be in, with the format Group_Tag Name

    Based on our image at the top of this page, we would have tags like Brand_Canon, Focal Length_18 - 55mm, and Resolution_12 MP.

    The left side of the underscore is the group name, and the right side is the tag for the product. Spaces can be included on either side of the underscore.

  4. Save your .csv file and import the products back into your store.

    Make sure you check "Overwrite existing products that have the same handle" when uploading the file to prevent duplicate products from being created.

  5. Enable "Filter by groups" in your theme settings under "Collection Pages"