Artisan & Artist LNCAM 1000 Nylon Camera Bag, Black

  • $279.00

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This compact and lightweight camera bag is made of casual nylon with stylish Italian leather accents. It is designed for active people and can accommodate a mirrorless camera or SLR, extra lens, iPad mini and personal items.

This bag gives you ease of movement and can be used in 2 ways: as a shoulder bag or as a waist bag. The front pocket is wide enough to store different personal items. This bag is unique in that to reduce weight, the inner case of the bag cannot be removed.

Another special feature is the use of hollow nylon threads that serve to make the bag even lighter. LNCAM-1000 is a stylish and compact carrying solution to match your every camera needs.

Features of the LNCAM 1000

  • Size.........W9 x H6.3 x D5 in
  • Material....Nylon and leather
  • Weight......414 g
  • Made in Japan