Bip Soft Release - Opera Act IV

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Beep and Bip have a domed (convex) profile. These can be pressed with your finger in the same way as Boop. But there is another technique that can be used with convex soft releases that reduces camera shake to the minimum – think of squeezing the trigger of a target pistol.

1. Control your breathing – take a breath, let it out, inhale normally, exhale a little until comfortable, then hold your breath.

2. Place your finger across the top of Beep or Bip so that the soft release is between your first and second joints – the exact position depends on the length of your finger and comfort.

3. Apply pressure to depress the shutter button partway (on the Leica M7 and M8, this is the point at which the exposure is locked in AE mode).

4. Continue squeezing gently until the shutter fires.

This technique may need a little practice, but, once mastered, it can allow you to hand hold your camera one stop slower by not only minimizing jerking (caused by pressing the shutter button too aggressively) but also by preventing flinching (a reflex caused by anticipating when the shutter will release) – if done properly, you will not be able to tell when the shutter will release, so you won't flinch.