Bop Soft Release -  Silver

Bop Soft Release - Silver

  • £20.00

Tthe profiles of Beep, Boop, Bip and Bop have been carefully designed to release the shutter button gently and smoothly as well as for comfort – unlike some other manufacturers' soft releases. The height of a domed convex profile and its curvature or the curve of a concave shape are crucial for the soft release to work correctly and minimize camera shake.

Secondly, soft releases from some other companies work loose because they have angled or knurled edges that catch on bags, clothing, and the like. Beep, Boop, Bip and Bop are perfectly smooth and won't catch on anything. This, in combination with their accurate computer controlled- thread cutting, means that Beep, Boop, Bip and Bop will stay on your camera!

Bop has a dished (concave) profile, allowing you to gently press the shutter release button with the softer, padded part of your finger just before the finger tip. This is a gentler, more controlled motion than the usual downwards jab with the finger tip itself.

The Bop for the Fuji X100 is 10mm in diameter and available now in Red, Silver, and Black.